Raising awareness

I learned the importance of using beautiful fresh produce in my first job as a cook, under François Pasteau, chef at L'Épi Dupin. Pasteau is the pioneer of environmentally responsible gastronomy in Paris. Today, I want to share these values with the people I work with and make cooking accessible to everyone, even those who wouldn't naturally approach it. 

Utilizing 100% of the produce we consume means showing respect to the men and regions that surround us. By purchasing goods from artisans, we help sustain a line of trade that is slowly disappearing. By creating as little waste as possible, we respect our planet and its resources.

An ethical approach



Seasonal produce from the market and historical suppliers - each ingredient is carefully selected. 


Each product is 100% utilized. Nothing is wasted, food or services.


I use my knowledge and skills to make gastronomy accessible to everyone.